This class has been really interesting. Today, I went a took a bunch of pictures of CIMR lab athe University of Florida. I’d like to share those with you! The CIMR lab is state-of-the-art with all of its equipment and I feel really fortunate to have gone to a school with a lab like this one.

I learned a lot about SEO in this class, the right and wrong way to go about it. I also enjoyed reading both books, Tipping Point & Don’t Make Me Think.

I really liked this class. I’m glad a lot of my friends were in this class with me. It made it more enjoyable.
Hooray for graduation!

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Bloggers I Know

Some of these bloggers have been in my courses since I started here at UF two years ago. Gator Fitness Katie Keene has been in my classes since the begginning starting with radio one, and now all the way to investigative reporting. Katie is also really into fitness, as i am too.
Cretul seats Matthew Cretul has also been in few of my classes and we also did a lot of early morning radio shifts together too. Creutl would do sports updates and I would do news updates when it was still AM 850 upstairs. Another one is Denise burgess who was also in radio one and radio two with me.

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Book Review: The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell

First, I want to say I found this book to be very interesting. It honestly, as the cover suggests, made me see the world in an entirely different way.
In Chapter 1, The Three Rules of Epidemics, I really learned a lot, especially in the beginning related to the outbreak of syphilis. I enjoyed his line, “Social epidemics work in exactly the same way.” The example they use is Hush Puppies shoes, in which I think my mother-in-law owns a couple pairs! However, I did find this first chapter to be quite said in a way, especially when it talks about the dying children and PCP and AIDS. The three rules of the Tipping Point which helps us understand epidemic, he adds at the end of chapter one, are the Law of the Few, the Law of the Stickiness Factor, and the Power of Context. They provide us with direction on how to reach the Tipping Point. I think the wording of this book is pretty clever.

In Chapter 2, The Law of the Few, he says that any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of gifts. I was sort of confused at first when he said this, was not too sure what to make of it. I actually went back and read the first part of the chapter to re-answer the question as why Revere succeeded where Dawes failed. Gladwell’s choice of vocabulary is strong and different than any author I have read before. He uses the words such as, “idiosyncratic chains”, and “connectedness.” Subtleties of persuasion really stood out to me in this chapter as well. The experiment that was done with college students, music and a hike in tuition was interesting. All they were really wanting to know is if they thought tuition was too expensive at their college or not, but judging by the nature of the experiment, who would have really known that?

Chapter 3 is the Stickiness Factor. Cooney’s story in the beginning was funny to read. “Her agent of infection was television, and she wanted to spread the virus of literacy.” I really enjoyed reading Gladwell’s similes. This chapter had a lot to do with television series, which I enjoyed because I knew a lot of this: Blue’s Clues, Sesame Street and commercial mentions such as Frito-Lay.
The Power on Context is in part one and two. This is where a lot of Gladwell’s message was a little confusing to me. It took me longer to read these last two chapters more than it did the rest of the book. However, the topic of the rise and fall of NY city crime was a pretty interesting one. The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood was a movie my mom owns and was forced to watch on occasion. It’s interesting to read it from Gladwell’s point of view, an “epidemic”.

The case study near the end of the book I did not enjoy much. However, I will be looking for more of Gladwell’s books in store. Pretty good read.

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Week 9: was amazingly easily to upload my resume and get going on finding a job!

I never feel I am quite done with it, so as of now it will always be under construction. Still learning how to use, too. Here it is: Jonanthan Perry

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Week 12, #2: 3 more classmates

Okay, Now I’ve met Kristi Posson in her blog, “Sites and Sights“. Very clever title. My favorite post of hers was the picture taken in the rearview mirror with the cop car, very intersting. She seems very involved in her major and I can see this will be something she will stick with as a future career. Like the picture of her in the WUFT Channel 5 newsroom on her blog! Very fitting!

Next, is Lucía Tolosa, blog is titled, “Stories in Spanglish“. What suprised me about her bio was that she was a TV host for LiveVibe, which I think is very impressive for only being a University of Florida senior. Reading these blog posts really makes me see the talent out there.

Lastly, there is Zach Aldridge, with a self-titled blog as well, ” Zach Aldridge” Another Sports Center dreamer! Seems as if that ESPN is popular around the College of Journalism and Communications! Good Luck, Zach!

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My Resume/Bio Week 11

It is official- I am on the job hunt!

Here is the link to my official blog: Jon Perry

I’m 23, engaged to be married to the love of my life of 7 1/2 years, and love fitness & sports! I’m willing to relocate for any job and up for any new challenge! Below is my resume!

Jonathan E. Perry
P.O. Box 140532|Gainesville, FL 32614|352-615-8087|||

 To secure a full-time position in the field of Communication where I can expand my current knowledge base, challenge myself to learn new skills and enable me to use my organizational skills and my ability to work well with other people.
 University of Florida – Gainesville, FL
B.S in Telecommunication: News Reporting Track
Outside Concentration: English
Expected Graduation date: April 2011.
 Santa Fe College – Gainesville, FL
Associates of Arts Degree: Concentration in Journalism
Graduation: June 2009/GPA: 3.6
 College of Central Florida – Ocala, FL
Concentration in Journalism/GPA 3.5
Professional Experience
WRUF-AM 850, August 2009-Present
 “Morning Drive” Co-Anchor: report local news and weather to the Gainesville and surrounding areas.
 “Mid-Day News” Reporter: Setup phone and in-person interviews; edit sound; write news stories.
WUFT-FM 89.1 NPR Affiliate, August 2009-Present
 “Front Page News” Reporter: Field and studio interviews.
 Edited sound and write news stories.
WUFT-TV Ch. 5 PBS, August 2009-Present
 Package Story Reporter: Retrieve own video, interviews as well as editing and writing.
Work Experience
Publix Supermarkets: July 2010-Present
 Deli Associate
Cracker Barrel Restaurants: July 2009-July 2010
 Line Cook
Black Diamond Ranch & Country Club: January 2005-July 2009
 Line Cook
Professional Skills
 Edirol voice recording hardware
 Microsoft Office Suite & Final Cut Pro
 Public Speaking/Communication experience
 Fax, copy, scanner, printer and digital camera
 Social media including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
**News clips and letters of recommendation available upon request

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Week 12, #1: 3 of my classmates

Well, it is only fitting I should highlight Katie Keene, seeing at the title of her blog is, “Gator Fitness.” She has come a long way with her fitness and her physical activity, which I think is a great inspriation for anyone. She knew fitness was a love and a passion of hers, and it inspired her to do a Recreational Sports Fitness program. It seems as Katie knows the important of healthy eating, and even highlighted, during one post, the importance of Vitamin D in correlation with high blood pressure. Great blog, Katie.

Second, let us meet Milani Beaudrault and her love for sports in her blog self titled, “Milani Beaudrault “. The one and only thing that stood out on this blog bio for me was her internship with ESPN! How interesting! So many people applied, yet 50 got the chance and she was one of them. Her love for sports obviously shown through! I wish her the best of luck!

Finally, I met Daniela Perallon , in her blog, “Tasty Politics.” Her blog was colorful, as we her bio. I loved that she traveled to England, such a wonderous place, yet returned here to the University of Florida and is part of such an awesome sorority that she loves.

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Balance Bracelets Another Big Craze

Balance bracelets: we see them everywhere right now. We see them on infomercials, being sold at the mall, and many other stores. These bracelets supposedly offer many benefits from better balance to relief of pain and even energy.

This is one of the most popular ones right now. This is the one you see being sold right in the middle of the mall, and if you watch sports many professional and college athlethes wear these. I recieved this one for Christmas and I was definatley a skeptic about there power before, and when I started wearing this one I felt no different. Since it was a present I decided to wear it as a peice of jewelery and not as a bracelet that will give me powerful benefits.

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Five Finger Shoes: The New Craze

I see people at my gym all the time with these shoes on- different huh? When I first saw these shoes, I was … “What the?”
How can there be any heel or ankle support in these shoes? I saw people lifting weight, running, even my fiance said she saw people in her Zumba class wearing there. I knew I had to do some research on these Vibram FiveFinger shoes ASAP…

Seems as if the biggest pro for these shoes is reduction of lower back pain while working out. It’s been tried out by many, including this guy in this video. Check it out:

Tim Ferriss on Vibram Shoes from Kevin Rose on Vimeo.

Other pros are it allows you maximum “toe spread” and allows you to walk “without a heel”.  They also said the following, which taught me something new…

“The fastest runners have a style quite similar to that of a person running without shoes. They absorb shock by landing lightly on their forefeet rather than on their heels, and their landing leg is beneath the torso, with the leg slightly bent to absorb impact.”

They may not be STYLISH, definitly not like my Nike Shox that I wear, but hey- to each their own!

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A Fast Food Wedding

When you think of Mcdonalds usually fries, burgers or shakes come to mind. What about getting married? Last October Mcdonalds Hong Kong announced that it wanted to offer weddings. If you like Mcdonalds enough to want to get married there and shed the traditional church setting you can go to Hong Kong and recieve a golden arch wedding.

According to a typicall American wedding costs about $29,000 where a Mcdonalds wedding would start at about $1200. If someone was looking for a relatively cheap wedding this would be a reasonable idea, until you have to factor in airfarre for all of your guests. Instead of a normal wedding cake you would be presented with a tier of warm apple pie, and instead of fancier entrees you would have burgers and fries. Just like most places people get married there are a variety of packages to choose from. 

This sounds a little unusual, but there are many people who have a fetish or love for certain brands. Just like people collect memorbillia of certain brands there are people who love Mcdonalds. If you love Mcdonalds enough and want to get married under the yellow arch rather than the typicall white one then Hong Kong may be your next destination.

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